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The Art of Kent Wilkens

Merri Island

"Merri Island"                   250 s/n

The smaller island where the Merri River meets the ocean at Stingray Bay, Warrnambool, Australia. My kids favourite swimming spot is just to the right.

Image Size   12"x18"          on paper unframed $150

                                          on canvas unframed $190

Framed Size 20"x26"            on canvas framed $325

Framed Size 22"x28"               on paper framed $345

Framed Size   22"x28"          on canvas framed $345

Great Ocean Road

                "Great Ocean Road"       250 s/n

Image Size   9"x12"                         unframed $85

                                                       on canvas $115

Framed Size 15"x18"                          framed $170

Framed Size 18"x21"                         framed $199

                                                framed canvas $199

The Great Ocean Road on the south coast of Australia with two of the twelve Apostles in this magnificent sunrise.

      "Surfs Up"                              50 s/n

Leisure time on the South Coast of Australia.

Image Size   16"x27"                                                           on canvas $290

Framed Size 27"x35"                                                    framed canvas $465

Image Size 10" x 14"                                                             on canvas $1140

Framed Size 19" x 23"                                                    framed canvas $235

"Flagstaff Hill"                    250 s/n

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village on the south

coast of Australia.

Image size   5"x7"                unframed $30
Image size 5"x7"       unframed canvas $50

Framed size 10"x12"               framed $80

Framed size 10"x15"               framed $100

                      Framed canvas edition  $100

"Flagstaff Harbour"                250 s/n

A historical village on the south coast  of Australia.

Image Size   9"x12"      unframed $85

                                  on canvas  $115

Framed Size 15"x18"      framed $170

Framed Size 18"x21"     framed $199

                            framed canvas $199

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